Tim's Tips

Spring Poles

The best way to manage spring poles is to avoid them. However, if a spring pole must be
cut it should be done in a safe manner. The best way is to release the tension slowly at
the maximum point of tension. If you don't understand these drawings or explainations...contact us at info@forestapps.com   Springpoles are dangerous!

To locate the maximum point of tension, extend a vertical line from the base of the tree and a horizontal from the highest point of the spring pole. From the intersection of these two lines imagine a 45 degree angle to the spring pole. It is this point which will have the maximum amount of tension.

45 degree angle, point of maximum tension

Spring poles may be cut from underneath or from the top. If you choose to cut a spring pole from the top, you must stand at 45 degrees to avoid being hit by the spring pole if the tension is released suddenly. From this position, the chain saw can be used to make a succession of small cuts at the maximum point of tension until the fibers begin to break by themselves. This cut must be made with saw at maximum RPM with a slow rate of feed. At this time the logger should move away from the tree and let the pressure release itself. The spring pole can then be cut off.


Spring poles may also be released from underneath. To do this the logger should stand at 90 degrees to the spring pole and use the chain saw to shave wood off the underside of the spring pole at the maximum point of tension. Do not cut into the spring pole as the compression of the wood will pinch the saw. After enough wood is shaved the fibers will begin to break by themselves and the logger can stand aside and let the spring pole release its' tension naturally.

Shave Here


If the point of maximum tension on the spring pole is higher than the shoulders, the spring pole should be released from the top. The logger can stand under the spring pole, trim any branches that may be in the way and then release the spring pole by cutting off the top. The spring pole should fly harmlessly above the logger and not cause injury.

If this point is higher than your shoulders...