Forest Applications Training, Inc. - Instructor/Speaker 

Fees vary for demonstrations, carving, conference/lecture and training according to specific arrangements.

Site locations are the responsibility of the sponsoring company and or organization.

A material/site requirement list will be discussed upon decision of the demo or training program content.


Forest Applications Training, Inc. is a Small Business Vendor and is registered in Central Contractor Registration (CCR) (SAM) for government agencies.

Normal Fees are as follows:

½ day (Up to 4 hours) $1500 + travel and expenses

Full day (Up to 8 hours) $1500 + travel and expenses

Multiple day (Up to 8 hour /day) programs  - 2 or more consecutive days - $1200 per day + travel and expenses

Multiple day (Up to 8 hour /day) programs  - 6 or more consecutive days - $1000 per day + travel and expenses

We have not increased our Fees in over 10 years! However, Travel Costs have increased greatly. We suggest multiple days be considered to lower your per person / per workshop costs.

Cancellations must be made in writing 30 days prior to event or training date to prevent charges. Travel and bookings are firm 30 days prior to events to insure cost efficiency for our clients. Cancellations effect an entire tour project and AT A MINIMUM the travel and expenses will be invoiced.

Travel day, set up day and clean up day fees may apply.

Travel expenses customarily are invoiced at $1.65 to $1.95 per mile or actual expenses plus a travel day fee. Included in the per mile fee: Travel day(s), all mileage, meals, and lodging related expenses. Travel costs may be divided among clients on a specific travel itinerary. Travel is not necessarily billed from a ROME, GA point of origin or round trip. We will be glad to discuss any questions and confirm approximate travel cost before event.

Training Fees and Expenses will be invoiced immediately following completion of event(s). All invoices are PAYABLE UPON RECEIPT. Invoices not paid in full within 30 days of Invoice Date will be subject to Late Fees of $50 Per Day after 30 days.

Forest ApplicationsTraining, Inc. takes pride in providing our clients with the highest quality, on time instructors and workshops. We are cost efficient and have not been late for a workshop for over 24 years. We strive to keep our instruction high quality at a reasonable fee.

To maintain efficient planning and costs we must be paid in a timely, professional manner. We ask our organizers to inform their accounts payable of our business fees and payment requests when confirming our services so there are no misunderstandings at invoice payment time.

Thank You and Good Sawing!

Credit Card payment processing is available with an additional 3% fee.

Current Fees as of  9/1/2016