About Us


In the 1970’s Tim Ard became intrigued by the small engine and outdoor power equipment business. Coming up through the ranks he worked as a workbench mechanic,  in parts and distribution, sales, was a power equipment dealer and finally in national training, Tim knew he was in this business for a reason.

In the 1980’s Tim was fascinated by the work and business of a Swedish Logging and Chain Saw expert Soren Eriksson.  Soren had a strong commitment to the chain saw operator, especially logging, and came to the United States to promote what he had been involved in building in Scandinavia through the 60’s and 70’s. Soren had worked in development of training programs for the logger along with personal protective equipment designs that was “innovatively unknown” in our country. His persistence to the cause, even in “Broken English”, was a key factor in making chain saw operation in the states safer and more productive. This fascination leads to Tim’s commitment to training the chain saw and other power equipment operators.

In the early 1990’s Soren and Tim formed the Game of Logging, Inc., and Tim began  Forest Applications Training, Inc. Later they organized and began a training system for Arborists called ArborGames under GOL.  ArborGames later became tree care training company ArborMaster Training.  Tim worked with Soren to design and promote new personal protective equipment designs and tools that have been adopted by occasional and professional users across the USA through major chain saw manufacturer’s distribution and dealer networks. They worked promoting all aspects of chain saw operator training that Forest Applications Training, Inc. is still carrying on today.

This brings us to the explanation of ChainPoint Connections.

During all the initial work of promoting Soren Eriksson, chain saw manufacturers, dealers and training chain saw operators, Tim Ard’s job was to orchestrate activities. He put together written training materials and articles, newsletters, designed websites and the most important - coordinated organizers, dealers and users in promoting training activities and events. In 1997 Laura Ard, Tim’s wife and best friend, joined Forest Applications and began to connect the training and the organizers. Making sure the organizers and the training participants are getting maximum rewards from the investment in time and money. Laura is a people person who has an amazing ability to connect with all those she comes in contact with and making sure their needs are met. She has added so much in growing the training base over the last dozen or so years. If you look at all the major power equipment/chain saw training instructors and organizations working today in North America - Tim Ard, Laura Ard and Forest Applications has had some form of influence in their work and programs.  There is not a better team to make this Loop for you.

 In all this, it has been a labor of love because of all the contacts, people touched and many lives saved from injury and death.  Tim and Laura Ard, Forest Applications Training and now ChainPoint Connections are truly dedicated to saving lives, allowing people to achieve their life’s potential!

ChainPoint Connections is today’s electronic answer to connecting the important links. To keep the right links in the loop, sharpen their tools and spread the important skills and safety for today’s power equipment operators. The Link to all your Safety, Training and Product-ivity needs. Let us connect you and your organization to the Growing Loop!

Some of the ChainPoint Connections:

Product Reviews for manufacturers.

Equipment and Accessory Product Evaluations.

Consultation Services for market approach with new products.

Product Training Sessions for key sales and user groups.

We offer Connection Links on our website; follow up with specials etc., for the training participants so trainees have a resource for discussed items.

Connecting Power Equipment Dealers to our services, their customers or potential customers. Dealer Connection Links on our website, emails, tweets….

Linking products with Training.... Sales is Training.... Growing Relationships is Training.  We teach them what they need with...   ChainPoint Connections!