NEW Chain Saw Issues Workshop

Forest Applications Training, Inc. is offering a New Issues workshop…

Over 30 years I have travelled this great country, from sea to shining sea, leading workshops on chainsaw safety and productivity and will continue as long as I am able.

We have decided to offer a new one day Issues Workshop that is composed of answers to the many questions I receive during the years of training. I think it will complement your chainsaw operations in a way that is unimaginable until you sit through it. I say sit, it’s more like work...

Everyone considers the safety issues of chainsaw operations in training of employees and personal use. PPE, Planning and Cutting Techniques - but seldom look to the details of why many chainsaw incidents occur. In listening to saw operator statements over the years, it is blatantly evident that the following workshop topics are some of the root cause. These issues are our new workshop’s focus. The 6+ hours are not comprised of felling, limbing and bucking but more toward getting your equipment ready and remaining ready during your chainsaw tasks. It will not replace our other three days of training offerings.

I am convinced that many safety issues with operators are caused by improper saw selection, lack of attention to or ability to maintain the saw and or chain efficiently, and thinking that all of these are someone else’s responsibility. This workshop is not designed nor intended to be filled by bodies but rather by key people who want to make a difference in chainsaw operations, safety and productivity.

For you or your organization, the Issues Workshop is covering the basics and the advanced details, hands-on and how to share it:

1. Saw Selection for Multiple Tasks

2. Understanding Saw Guide Bar and Chain Combinations

3. Reducing Down Time Maintenance

4. Chain Sharpening - hand tools and mechanical grinding

5. Fuels - Mixing and Understanding Two-Cycle Gasoline and Chainsaw Adjustments

Class Size - 12 Maximum
Work Time - 6+ hours

Chainsaws and PPE
2 Saw Chains for Filing (may be new or partial used)

Logs for sawing
Workshop or Classroom

This workshop is not brand specific and you are encouraged to Bring You Own Saw (BYOS). We will be looking at your tools and ability to maximize your efficiency with them.

The Chainsaw Issues Workshop is great for Power Equipment dealers to organize or host for customers and especially for chainsaw operators and shop personnel of any organization, city, county and government operations. For more information -

Contact Forest Applications Training, Inc. for questions, pricing and booking