Training Outline
Day 1
 Personal Protective Equipment
 Chain saw safety features
 Reactive Forces and the Bore Cut
 The Hinge
 The Face Notch
 The Cutter Tooth
 Information before felling
 Scoring to steer retention of topics

Day 2
 RDT Maintenance
 The Cutter Tooth
 Hands on carburetor adjustment
 Hands on practice of chisel bit and round chain filing
 Introduction to Springpoles
 Introduction to Wedging
 Side lean and target accuracy
 Scoring to reflect level I retention
 Height Measuring
 Wedging and Binds

Items Needed for Training:
 Hard Hat
 Safety Glasses and/or Face Screen
 Hearing Protection - Muffs or Plugs
 Gloves
 Leg Protection (Will be supplied if unavailable)
 Heavy leather boots or footwear with steel toe and or chainsaw protection
 Personal Chain saw (Not Required for the Training. Would prefer to have 1 saw unit with bar & chain per 2 students for maintenance session)
 Fuel mix and Bar oil
 Saw chain files and bar wrenches for student saws

Classroom, Facilities and Location
 Indoor or outdoor (quiet) area with seating for morning sessions
 Chalk board, flipchart or white board (if available, not necessary)
 Wooded site where trees may be felled, limbed and bucked

 Training takes place rain or shine so be sure to bring appropriate gear.
 Classes start between 0800-0830 and end the two days at approximately 1600-1700 hours. These days are action packed and we need undivided attention.
 Lunches should be supplied or available on or near the site.