IL23 Two-Cycle Troubleshooting

5 hour Course – One Day

This course is designed not for the shop mechanic but for the two-cycle equipment operator. However, the shop mechanic may find the class information very useful if they have not attended a trouble-shooting systems workshop before. This course takes the participant through a systematic analysis process and looks at the important workings of the two-cycle engine. The class is instructor lead but is over 60% hands-on. Working in small groups the participants will disassemble a chain saw or trimmer power unit to discover important trouble-shooting processes.

Course Outline

1. Field Issues – discussion of two cycle problems known from the field

2. Discuss two cycle theory

3. Major concerns – air, heat, vibration, rpm, screwdriver

4. Layout notes and begin teardown. – air, fuel, spark, compression

5. Maintenance RDT

6. Carb adjustment

7. Closing