Commercial Z Training Outline

I. Welcome and Introduction
    II. Safety
        A. What is Safety Training and Why?
        B. Personal Protective Equipment/PPE
        C. DOT Requirements and Transporting
        D. Safety Aspects of Mower
    III. Maintenance & Pre-Inspection
        A. Daily
        B. Weekly
        C. Yearly
        D. Hourly Intervals
        E. Lubrication
    IV. Ergonomics
        A. Control Arms
        B. Adjustable Seat and Arm Rests
        C. Adjustable Steering Dampers
        D. Foot Assisted Deck Lift Mechanism
        E. Larger Radius Deck Lift Mechanism
        F. Operator Comfort/Anti-Vibration Features
    V. Operation
        A. Machine Maneuverability
        B. Roll Bar and Safety Belt
        C. Before Starting
        D. Starting the Engine
VI. Application
        A. Job Assessment
            1. Hazards & Obstacles
            2. Mower Type/Walk or Z
            3. Mower Size/iZ, LZ, BZ
            4. Deck Size/42”, 48”, 52”, 61”, 72”
        B. Alternate Cut Direction
        C. Proper Turning Techniques/3-point turn or zero turn
        D. Mowing Flat Areas
        E. Mowing Hillsides
        F. Mowing Around Ponds and Lakes
        G. Hopping Curbs
        H. Quality of Cut
        I. Striping
VII. Application Adaptability
        A. Collection Systems
        B. Aggressive Agricultural Tires
        C. Mulch Kits
        D. Blade Types & Theory
        E. Baffle & Confinement Plates
        F. Premium Suspension Seat
        G. ROPS Mounted Light Kit
        H. Stripe Kit
VIII. Troubleshooting Exercise
  IX. Closing/Questions/Takeaways