Competitive Events
Chain Filing - Each contestant will be given a dulled chain that fits a 20" bar. You will have 30 minutes to sharpen it. This chain will be used in the competition on matched power heads we supply.
Timed Cut - Each competitor will use the chain he sharpened to do two timed cuts; one up-cut and one down-cut. Matched power heads will be used for this event so there is no difference in equipment. The speed of your cut will reflect your chain sharpening ability.
Bore Cut - Each contestant will judged on their ability to perform a bore cut. Scoring will be as was done in class. Cutting out the side is zero points. Points are deducted the further you are away from the side of the cant. Punching out the back and into a board (simulating a rock)with the bar chain results in points deducted.
Precision Stump - Here your skill at making the open-faced notch will be tested. You must make the notch in two cuts with less than 3/8 inch by-pass.
Springpole - You will have to release the tension in a springpole. Accuracy on where you make the cut will be measured as it was in class.
Precision Bucking - You will have to bore into a log and completely severe a disk from the log in two cuts; one up-cut and one down-cut. More than one up and down movement will have points deducted as will touching any of the boards attached to the back of the log (which simulate rocks or veneer logs in a pile) with the bar chain.
Precision Felling - This is the final event. The top 6 six contestants, based on their points earned in the above events, will advance to the precision felling. Each contestant will draw for their "tree" and will have to determine a felling plan, the tree's total height, and they will have to drop the tree into a designated space marked by two stakes. Points will be deducted according to where the tree lands. You will use your own saw for this event.
Safety violations are killers on points. Remember your face shields, chain brakes, positioning when cutting and following your plan!
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